Ninja QA

A little bit about me

Having worked as a consultant previously in another life (another career line), this is the bit that is commonly referred to as 'showing ones credentials' or explaining why my opinion is worth anything. Don't get me wrong, at the end of the day everything on this blog is my opinion, but its opinion based on experience and in most cases fact ;-)

I am currently a .Net Developer in Test, although I have experience in the following languages, oldest to most recent.

VB Script
Solidity (Ethereum)

I first started working in the QA industry around 2005 for the technology division of a certain insurance company **cough cough Allstate **
Hardly a feather in my cap considering the pittance they paid me, but it was my first step on the road of the QA Industry. Immediately I was working with HP Quality Center, HP Quick Test Professional and this is where the VB Script comes in.

During and after the above role, I was messing around with games and programming - getting familiar with LUA which is a sort of cross over between programming and scripting. I was also at this time managing my own game servers and building websites for those servers which is where the Javascript and PHP comes in - of course there is HTML as well.

After the above role, I went to work for another firm, this time one that specializes in security and surveillance software / hardware.
At this stage Microsoft was creating its first automation tool - Visual Studio Coded UI. Our company was among the beta testers for the Coded UI test functionality and this is how I got my foot in the door with regards to C#. I have since gone through that door and then some. 

After the C# role I moved into Consultancy and Contracting and got experience with a wide variety of languages and tools.
Business Process Testing via HP QTP / ALM, Silk4J (Java), Selenium + Cucumber, Selenium + Specflow. 

Those are just the QA related ones. I eventually moved into development quality and began participating in audits and evaluations of client code, escrow engagements where I had to act as a broker between a buyer and seller of software rights etc.

After a long and arguably 'varied' journey through the development quality, I have come back to my roots to perfect my craft in the automation industry.

So that is my career from 2005 to present - 12 years in the software industry and now I am heading up automation strategy for a Fin-Tech firm in the UK.